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Welcome to the Natural Horsemanship Association of
Northern Nevada website! NHANN is a club for horse
enthusiasts of all disciplines, who are dedicated to improving
communication and understanding, with a goal of improving
performance of riders and horses.

The Objectives and Purposes of the NHANN in general shall be:

    1. To further the interest in horses and all horsemanship in this area.
    2. To educate the human to better understand the horse's behavior and thus
    its point of view.
    3. To help the human to develop a relationship and partnership with the
    horse based on FAIR, FIRM, AND FRIENDLY communication that promotes
    fun and safety.
    4. To provide educational offerings and fun activities promoting natural
    horsemanship for its members and the public.

The NHANN is a group of horse enthusiasts from all disciplines dedicated to
helping horses and humans improve communication, understanding, and

Our members range in skill from beginners to professional trainers. We welcome all ages.
One thing we all have in common is the desire to improve our relationships with our
horses through better understanding and communication. Our local area members
participate in various styles of riding including: western, English, bareback, dressage,
pleasure, trail, foxhunting and endurance. That’s why the primary focus of NHANN is
educating humans to better understand the natural behavior of horses so that we can
improve communication between rider and horse, and horse and rider, while keeping
ourselves and our horses healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We meet once a month and each meeting features a specific topic such as hoof care,
nutrition, tack fitting or training issues.  Our many guest speakers have included experts
such as veterinarians, massage therapists, farriers, and instructors.

NHANN has an extensive member library with many books, DVDs, and videos to borrow.

We offer other activities such as play days, clinics, and trail rides.

We meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
at the Round Table Pizza at the Reno Town Mall, 4007 S. Virginia St. Reno NV
Round Table Pizza
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